#LGBTQBooks #TBT Throwback Thursday – No Sister of Mine #2

Welcome to my version of Throwback Thursday where I take a peek at some of my earlier titles. For the rest of September, I’ll be sharing from my first novel, No Sister of Mine, 2005, Bella Books. No Sister of Mine won a GCLS Goldie award for excellence in speculative fiction, was a Lambda Literary Foundation finalist, and it’s still my bestselling novel, though my current novel, Cleaning House, is giving it a run for its money.

No Sister of Mine Cover

No Sister of Mine

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Taelach Sisters Novel #1

LaRenna Belsas had always dreamed of the Kimshee lifestyle. These silent serving sisters of the Taelach military were known as much for their reckless mannerisms as they were honored for the dangers they faced bringing Taelach daughters to their raisers. LaRenna looked forward to taking her place among them, even though it meant an apprenticeship under an experienced Kimshee. Or would it?

No Sister of Mine is the first entry in a series of lesbian Science Fiction novels set in a world where humans are nothing more than a genetic trace. But that trace has left its mark—namely a race of telepathic women who must fight to coexist with a patriarchal humanoid society who wishes nothing more than the eradication of its “white witch” cousins.

Here’s a link to #TBT POST #1 from No Sister of Mine.

And here’s #TBT #2 for No Sister of Mine. Enjoy.

   The midwife scowled. Further delay would mean conflict, unavoidable conversation with those she detested. “She already has two. One loss won’t make that much difference. Mothers have endured this for eons. A little sacrifice won’t harm her, or you. Let it go, Laiman. There’ll be others—”

   Two imposing shadows appeared just outside the door, hesitating to share an embrace before they entered the small birthing chamber. The smaller of the pair approached the now gray-faced midwife and reached a slender hand toward the baby. “A beautiful child.” Her whisper was thickly accented. “She will be treasured.” With an approving nod to her partner, she pulled the child into her arms, delighting when a tiny hand grasped her finger and pulled it to a suckling mouth. Eyes reflective with understanding, she spoke something in the Taelach tongue Laiman couldn’t comprehend, drew her cloak around the baby, and departed.

   Once the first Taelach was safely away, the second, room-dominating figure pulled back her hood, revealing a strong-featured face. White hair came into view, white hair that was cropped razor short save for two braids that hung from her right temple. She gazed at Laiman, her blue eyes reflective as well, but almost cold in their intent. “Does the child have a name?”

   Laiman froze at the voice, staring at its owner.

   “The child? Has she been named?”

I’ll share more from Chapter One of No Sister of Mine for next week’s #TBT.


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