#LGBTQBooks #TBT Throwback Thursday – No Sister of Mine #1

Welcome to my very first Throwback Thursday post where I take a peek at some of my earlier titles. For the rest of September, I’ll be sharing from my first novel, No Sister of Mine, 2005, Bella Books. No Sister of Mine won a GCLS Goldie award for excellence in speculative fiction, was a Lambda Literary Foundation finalist, and it’s still my bestselling novel, though my current novel, Cleaning House, is giving it a run for its money.

No Sister of Mine Cover

No Sister of Mine

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Taelach Sisters Novel #1

LaRenna Belsas had always dreamed of the Kimshee lifestyle. These silent serving sisters of the Taelach military were known as much for their reckless mannerisms as they were honored for the dangers they faced bringing Taelach daughters to their raisers. LaRenna looked forward to taking her place among them, even though it meant an apprenticeship under an experienced Kimshee. Or would it?

No Sister of Mine is the first entry in a series of lesbian Science Fiction novels set in a world where humans are nothing more than a genetic trace. But that trace has left its mark—namely a race of telepathic women who must fight to coexist with a patriarchal humanoid society who wishes nothing more than the eradication of its “white witch” cousins.

Here’s #TBT #1 for No Sister of Mine. Enjoy.

   Fizzelle tried to focus on the troubled face that lingered above her own. The pains in her abdomen had subsided, leaving her feeling quite empty inside. “Where’s the child,” she muttered. “I want my baby.”

   “You’re too weak.” Laiman pulled the blankets to her chin, smoothed her whorlish curls, then looked to the small, crying bundle in the midwife’s arms.

   Fizzelle’s dark eyes glazed with want. “Laiman, the child. Let me see it.”

   The midwife shook her head a decided no.

   “Sleep now, Zelle. I’ll tend the baby.”

   “What’s wrong with the babe? Laiman? Why can’t I…” Her voice trailed off as he eased the sleep smoker mask over her nose and mouth.

   “Forgive me.” Laiman’s heart broke as her hand loosened then fell away. “But it’s easier to forget what you never see.”

   The midwife clutched the child tight and turned toward the doorway. “They’ll be here soon enough. I’ll watch her until they come.”


   “Laiman, no.” She pulled just out of his reach. “Don’t make memories.”

   “They’re already made.” Now let me see my daughter.” He took the baby from her resistant arms and cradled it in his own. “She has her mother’s round face and button nose.”

   “And Taelach hair and eyes,” reminded the midwife as she forced the infant from him. “The infant must go. She’s one of them.”

   “But what do I tell Fizzelle? She’s longed for another child.”

I’ll share more from Chapter One of No Sister of Mine on next week’s #TBT.


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