#CleaningHouseNovel Blog Tour 8/12 – 8/14

I hate to say this, but the Cleaning House blog tour is drawing toward its end.

Here’s a slew of posts, character info, and other material for Cleaning House including #Rainbowsnippets, #WIPpet Wednesdays, Character Profiles, and #1LineWednesday posts.

And here’s Cleaning House Chapter One in PDF format.

Oh, and here’s the Cleaning House YouTube Playlist – a chapter-by-chapter musical journey through the novel.

Amazon: Ebook  Print

Barnes and Noble: Ebook   Print

Kobo: Ebook

Overwhelmed yet? I know I am.  And tired. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.



Before I go on, there’s been a bit of a mix up concerning the content in Cleaning House, specifically with the protagonist’s (main character or MC’s) identity. I had this pop up on Twitter on 8/11 and found the novel listed incorrectly various locations on my blog tour as well. Cleaning House is not a trans novel. The protagonist is nonbinary and goes by she/her. She’s also pansexual and a witch, but she’s not trans. Her best friend, Betty Holub, is a transwoman. I write across the spectrum so there are lots of LGBTQIA characters in my work as well as hetero ally characters, and my MCs are always somewhere in the queer spectrum, but Centenary Rhodes isn’t trans.

I hope this hasn’t caused problems for anyone anywhere along the way.

Back to sharing the blog tour love!

Here’s where I appeared between August 1st and 4th (scroll down for the links) and here’s where I appeared August 5th-11th (again, you’ll need to scroll down for the links).

And here are the online places I’ll be appearing between 8/12-8/14.

NOTE: I’m appearing on a diverse set of sites as I complete this tour, which I truly love.  Authors, publishers, reviewers, artists, and bloggers in the queer community need to support each other, which is why I feature other authors myself.

Sunday 8/12

Monday 8/13

Tuesday 8/14

  • Anthony Avina ( author, a journalist, and a blogger) I checked his about page and now I feel old. I have a son Anthony’s age.  It’s official, I’m a member of the old queers’ club.

I’ll be posting a blog tour round-up along with some info on other upcoming appearances, so check back soon!


Centenary Rhodes is an old soul with a well-traveled name, but she doesn’t know this yet.

Growing up in southern Appalachia wasn’t easy, so Cent left home as soon as she could, but the post-collegiate happiness she’d expected has never occurred. She can’t find a decent date, much less find that special someone and, after losing her job in a corporate downsize, she’s struggling to meet her most basic needs. Her car has been repossessed, her bills are piling up, and her questionable North Chicago neighborhood is dangerous to navigate.

Returning home to Hare Creek, Tennessee, never crosses Cent’s mind until her Great Aunt Tess contacts her with an offer she can’t refuse. The family’s southern Appalachian homestead must be sold, and Aunt Tess needs someone to clean it up. Cent will have access to Aunt Tess’ garden and truck and can live on the homestead rent-free for as long as it takes. A part-time job is waiting for her as well.

It’s a chance to solve some of Cent’s financial woes, but will her return be enough when evil sets its sights on Embreeville Mountain and the homestead?

Cleaning House is a carefully woven Appalachian tapestry of granny magic, haints, elementals, and the fantastic diversity of the human condition – served with a delicious side of fries and a generous quart of peach moonshine.


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