#WIPpet Wednesday #QueerBlogWed Dancing

I’m a bit more subdued this week than last, and a little upset with myself. You see, I’ve been running behind on my post replies for a few weeks, and it finally caught up with me. I went today, Monday, to catch up the WIPpet Wednesday posts and to discover that they’ve already been taken down. Dang-it. It’s my own fault. I’ll try to get to them sooner, I promise. I’m quite certain I missed some good reads. I’ll backtrack to catch the ones I can after I finish this post, but I’m sorry if I miss someone.

Why am I constructing my Wednesday post on Monday? Two reasons: 1) I can never predict how I will feel one day to the next so I work ahead if at all possible and 2) I go to the neurologist tomorrow. Ick. I hate going there. I think they’re minor, necessary sadists… if you’ve ever had an EMG you’d agree. Ouch. If I have another one my coordination will be off for the rest of the day… um, more than usual, that is.

This won’t be posted until Wednesday, in case you’re wondering… so the following should make sense.

Anywho, it’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for #WIPpet Wednesday** and #QueerBlogWed*! While WIPpet Wednesday, hosted by the gracious Emily Wrayburn, features a diverse mix of authors, #QueerBlogWed is geared for, well, queer blogs, which this site certainly is.

Here’s my WIPpet math for 4/11/2018

4-2, 1+1, 8-1 that makes for 227 words from Cleaning House.

The Setup: I’m jumping forward a bit. Cent’s attending her first full moon circle and is encountering her first fire elemental, a mischievous spirit who goes by the name of Pyre.

Here’s a song to set the mood as you read. If you’ve never listened to S. J. Tucker, you’re in for a treat. She’s awesome! I’m sharing “Firebird’s Child” because it so fits Pyre’s personality. No, Pyre’s not a woman (elementals are nonbinary if you haven’t figured that out already) but it’s Pyre through-and-through – playful, sometimes defiant, excitable, and lots of fun to be around. Have a listen.

     Tess nodded toward a glowing Human-like shape approaching them. “Ah, Pyre. How’re you this night?”

     “I’m overjoyed that Centenary has returned to us.” Pyre turned their fiery eyes toward Cent. “Blessed be, Tess. Why did it take so long this time?”

     “Complications of the modern world.” Tess extended her right hand to Pyre whose form condensed and reshaped, becoming a small, dark red creature that leaped into her hand. “Hello, dear friend.” She stroked Pyre’s back with her finger. “I’m glad Centenary has returned home too.”

     “I didn’t know this was home until today.” Cent cocked her head to see Pyre better. “Salamander?”

     “A fire elemental’s true form.” Rayne’s mouth thinned. “You’re leaving soot on Tess’ hand again, Pyre.”

     “As opposed to yours?” Pyre laughed heartedly as they jumped from Tess’ hand, reshaping into their Human form when they landed, this time shaking their hips toward Rayne. “Shall we dance around my bonfire?”

     “You wish!” Rayne flicked their hand, showering Pyre with water droplets that evaporated before they could land. “Go play with one of my younger, more gullible siblings.” They pointed to a group of blue-tinged water nymphs who stood nearby.

     “You’ll change your mind later tonight.” Pyre stepped toward Cent, the top of their head now flickering with soft oranges and reds that resembled spikey hair. “How about you? Would you honor me with a dance?”

P.S. If you liked “Firebird’s Child” try S. J. Tucker’s “Handfast Blessing.” My brother-in-law sang it at my and Anna’s wedding year before last. He nailed it down to Irish lilt. There was a one word change, brother to sister, but oh, my… so very beautiful.

Want to read more #WIPpet Wednesday posts from Cleaning House? You can do so by clicking HERE.

*#QueerBlogWed is still to share posts with LGBTQIA+ content & RT others. New rules: Wed only + promo widely to engage readers! Writing is a business & also art so promo your work with flair & find new readers!

** WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop hosted by Emily Wrayburn wherein writers share excerpts of their latest WIP. All genres and levels of accomplishment are welcome. The only stipulation is that the excerpt must coincide with the date in some manner. For example, on 10/8/14 you might share 10 lines from page 8, 8 paragraphs from chapter 14, or perhaps 18 sentences by doing WIPpet math and adding the day to the month. We’re flexible like that.

fireform image from pngtree.com



  1. I like Pyre and I love the imagery associated with the elemental characters. It makes sense that a fire character would be a bit flirty (maybe more than a bit flirty!). Very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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