#RainbowSnippets #ScienceFiction Twenty-Six 12/23: Good Names

Happy Holidays!

It’s the Saturday between Yule and Christmas, both of which we celebrate in this house. They’re similar in many ways so it’s not much of a stretch to embrace them together, especially since our children are grown.

Oh, and did you see the picture above? Yep, it’s what it looks like. Author copies! The print edition of Surrogate: Hunted has arrived at my doorstep, and they’re spectacular! I love the feel of hardback books, and this one is substantial. However, I’m fond of ebooks too, and Surrogate: Hunted will be available in both formats come mid-February. Here’s a link to pre-order the ebook from Amazon.

The Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook is “for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction– a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation. (no spoilers please!)”

Here’s another Snippet from Surrogate: Hunted.

The Setup: This picks up later in the same scene as last week’s Snippet. Etain and Brigit are safe but now what? They’re still light years from home and trapped on an alien world.

Tip: The Cycalk only have two vowel sounds in their language ( A [always pronounced as ah – amen] and a y [pronounced as a long e inside and at the end of words]) so they’re struggling with Etain and Brigit’s names and most everything else in Etain’s native tongue, which they somewhat know. I limited the problem to names, because it’d otherwise be unreadable IMO. A bit of writerly license that necessitates the choppy sentences below.

     Ytr grinned. “They are ‘Tan and Bragt. Good names.”

     “So Bragt is your god child?” Trn turned her deep green eyes to Brigit. “God…child?” She stared at Etain.


     “Not child of body.” said Atz. “But child of heart?”

     “Yes.” I’ll spare them the surrogacy explanation. Etain touched Brigit’s hand. “She is like my own.”

You can read more #Rainbowsnippets from Surrogate: Hunted HERE.

*Rainbow Snippets is a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ authors, readers, and bloggers to share 6 sentences each week from a work of fiction—published or in-progress—or a book recommendation. Feel free to join in!



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