Surrogate Sunday: Etain Aesthetics

A blog aesthetic, or in this case, a character aesthetic is a glance at a work to give the reader both a visual and written overview, a snapshot if you will. I stole this idea from Sophie over at Sophie’s Corner, and it’s a good one. Why? Because it gives the reader two key things:

  1. a keyword list which helps to define the character

  2. a visual sense the character’s world/life without creating spoilers

Last week, I explored the overall aesthetics of the first novel in the Surrogate series, Surrogate. You can read that post HERE.

This week, I’m focusing in on one character, the series’ protagonist, Etain Ixtii.

Here’s my keyword list for Etain.

  1. Alyward species

  2. Gno’ native – an arid world

  3. She-Beast owner

  4. High-plat worker turned trade negotiator

  5. Polyamory/ circle

  6. Panpobal

  7. Nature vs nurture

  8. Motherhood and family

  9. Genetic design

  10. Resists labels

  11. Training vs freedom

  12. Undermane and overmane

Visual Reference – images I believe best represent Etain.

Like last week, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating the visual aesthetic. I’ve been with Etain through three rough drafts at this point. Novel one, Surrogate, was released in March 2017, the second novel , Hunted, will be released in March 2018, and the third, Traditions, 2019, I hope. *crosses fingers*

Again, the model whose face I’ve used is named Khoudia Diop, HERE’S an article about her. From what I’ve read, she’s quite lovely both inside and out.

Next week, I’m featuring Etain’s imma, her best friend with benefits, confidant, and biggest cheerleader, Merch.

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