#Writerslife #Writegoal August Roundup and September Goals

Image of my sloppy, handwritten August goal

This is where I look back at my August goals… it’s honesty time.

Surrogate: Hunted

Goal– FINISH edits and submit to publisher by month’s end

Goal easily met. Yay!

Surrogate: Traditions

Goal:  rewrite that ending to how I now picture it.

Goal met!

Cleaning House

Goal: Keep going. 3K new wordage this month. (This will pick up considerably once Hunted is submitted)

Goal met and then some. I’ve added over 6 K in wordage, taking the count from 3K to over 9 K.


Goal: Four poems

1/4  Goal not met… but, if you count the edits for an upcoming poetry publication, info on that soon, I give myself 2/4 — Goal still not met.

 Blog Posts

Goal: 14 minimum. Same as last month – 3 per week. With the layout of the month, this means 14 posts. Thankfully, this post counts as number 1! I also have an entire month’s worth of #WIPpet Wednesdays and #RainbowSnippets pre-scheduled so it’s a simple matter of staying ahead of the game, which means that for every one that is published, another must be scheduled. I’ll be a bit flexible on this one considering Anna’s surgery. 5 WIPpets + 4 Snippets = 9 + 1 (the August goals post) = 10 posts ready to go. Yay! Only four more are required to meet my minimal goal, sooo if I keep up with my poems, I’ll easily meet my goal. Famous last words, I know.

16/14 including this post and a freebie short story which will appear tomorrow. Goal exceeded!

 Flash/ Short Fiction/ Nonfiction

Goal: Get a short work drafted. Something. Come on! No more excuses or whining.

1/?  Goal met!


Goal: 2 minimum. Really, Jeanne, get something new out there. Preferably, two somethings. They can’t say no if you don’t submit. However… submitting Surrogate: Hunted does count, right? I mean, yes, it’s already been accepted for publication, but it’s a BIG manuscript (over 110K) so I give myself permission for that to count for one.

2/2 – one being submitting Hunted to my publisher, the other being a personal narrative/ creative nonfiction piece written in reply to a call for submissions. Goal met!


September looks to be a quieter month in my house… maybe, but some things simply can’t be predicted.

Surrogate: Hunted

No goal other than waiting to hear back about edits.

Surrogate: Traditions

Goal?: No goal. Give it a rest and come back to it in October with fresh eyes.

Surrogate: Mamatan

Goal: Dig into it… finish that first chapter. A small but significant goal.

Cleaning House

Goal: Let’s go for 4K this month.


Goal: After last month’s epic fail, let’s go for one new poem.

 Blog Posts

Goal: 14 minimum. Five #WIPpet Wednesdays are already scheduled, and four #RainbowSnippets are scheduled too, so it’s a simple matter of staying ahead of the game, which means that for every one that is published, another must be scheduled.

 Short Fiction/ Nonfiction

Goal: One completed draft. I’m finished waiting for inspiration, so I’m going with what I know best. My goal this month is to rough the first short story for a new anthology – Tentative title – Stardust Connections: Tales from the Surrogate and Taelach Sisters Series. An additional piece would be wonderful, but I’m not adding it to my my expectations.


Goal: One, just one. Stick your neck out there, turtle woman. The worst anyone can say is no… and I think you’ve heard that a few hundred times before. All authors have. It’s part of the game.

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