#Rainbowsnippets Ten 8/26: Exterior vs Interior

We’ve finally gotten most of the August stress over with and now find ourselves in the midst of apple season, ready or not. There’s a grand ol’ Granny Smith apple tree on our property, it’s heavily laden this year, and the apples are ready for picking and processing a good month earlier than usual. Now, being the frugal Southern Appalachian women we are, those apples are not going to waste. We’re canning apple butter every few days, and cutting apples to freeze on the other days. We’re up to our eyeballs in peels and the house smells like fall…my favorite time of the year.

Whatever apples we don’t use will go one of two ways: the deer love them, (we’ve two does with babies bedding down in the woods behind the house) and someone my mother knows will be gleaning what’s left to make hard cider from.

For this week’s #RainbowSnippet*, I am again sharing from Surrogate: Hunted,  which now rests in my publisher’s hands. This allows me to work on new material, but I’ll continue sharing from Surrogate: Hunted for a while longer.

Feel free to read and comment, but when you’re done head over to the RainbowSnippets Facebook Page and read snippets from a host of great LGBTQ+ authors.

The setup: Brigit has, as they say, flown the coop, and Dresh is trying to get Merch, who’s beside herself with worry, to listen to the investigators who are combing the apartment for clues.

As with all the Surrogate Series, we see things from Etain’s perspective. (close third-person POV)

     Dresh led Merch to her favorite chair— a worn, quilt-draped, pale-green wingback with a faded-blue ottoman in front of it. “Sit down.” She squeezed Merch’s shoulder hard enough that she looked up.


     “Listen to what Vahl says.” Dresh sat on the wingback’s arm while Etain chose the other chair, an oversized, dark-wood rocker with cut-coral inlays that’d long ago proven more comfortable than it appeared. Dresh’s chair— it was like her in so many ways.

*Rainbow Snippets is a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ authors, readers, and bloggers to share 6 sentences each week from a work of fiction—published or in-progress—or a book recommendation. Feel free to join in!



    • Thanks! What’s world-building for if you don’t add a few of the little things too… and this is a multi-species household so the contents are most interesting.

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  1. Like the others, I love the comparison of Dresh and the chair. Made better by knowing a bit about Dresh. (Stupid autocorrect keeps trying to turn that into “Fresh,” LOL.)

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  2. Great description, nice snippet. I’m very envious of your apple tree – years ago we had a couple and I loved picking them (and eating them). Granny Smiths are one of my favourites.

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    • Thank you. We purchased this property last year. It had two fruit trees on it I believe much holder than the three homes on the property, but, alas, the peach tree lost two central limbs during this last year and is now dying so we’re going to have to cut it down. 😦 We’ll be planting more fruit trees this next spring.


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