July Roundup and August Goals

Roundup: What happened in July? Honesty time.

 Surrogate: Hunted:

Goal – At least ten hours of rewrites.

Outcome – Goal met if not surpassed. I am now waiting for manuscript to be returned from my editor (any day now)

 Surrogate: Traditions (rough draft finished)

Goal – none.

Outcome: two hours of rewrites for the month, though I had no real plans. Goal exceeded?

 Cleaning House (new manuscript)

Goal: Do something there.

Outcome: started manuscript after several months of thinking about it. 3,642 words in now and the ideas are still coming. Goal met.


Goal: Four new poems

Outcome; 4 / 4 All posted. Yay! Goal met!

Blog Posts

Goal: 12 posts

Outcome: 17 / 12 Goal met and exceeded!

Flash/Short Fiction

Goal: One piece written

Outcome: 0 / 1 Goal not met.


Goal:  Submit two pieces somewhere

Outcome: 0 / 2 Goal not met. This one was a total flop. No new material got sent out. No excuses. I just didn’t get it done. However, I am supposed to have a poem in the first issue of Monstering which looks to be out this month. The poem is title “Monstering 101: A Societal How-To,” and I will definitely let you know when it becomes available.

August Goals

August is going to be an insane month, so I am already forgiving myself if any goals don’t get met. You see, my Anna is having major surgery on the 7th, so most of the month will involve prep for that day and playing nursemaid until she’s back on her feet. However, the writing must keep going regardless. It’s what I do,,,my way of keeping sane in an increasingly insane America.

 Surrogate: Hunted

Goal- FINISH edits and submit to publisher by month’s end

Surrogate: Traditions

Goal:  rewrite that ending to how I now picture it.

Cleaning House

Goal: Keep going. 3K new wordage this month. (This will pick up considerably once Hunted is submitted)


Goal: Four poems

 Blog Posts

Goal: 14 minimum. Same as last month – 3 per week. With the layout of the month, this means 14 posts. Thankfully, this post counts as number 1! I also have an entire month’s worth of #WIPpet Wednesdays and #RainbowSnippets pre-scheduled so it’s a simple matter of staying ahead of the game, which means that for every one that is published, another must be scheduled. I’ll be a bit flexible on this one considering Anna’s surgery. 5 WIPpets + 4 Snippets = 9 + 1 (this post) = 10 posts ready to go. Yay! Only four more are required to meet my minimal goal, sooo if I keep up with my poems, I’ll easily meet my goal. Famous last words, I know.

 Flash/ Short Fiction

Goal: Get something written. Something. Come on! No more excuses or whining.


Goal: 2 minimum. Really, Jeanne, get something new out there. Preferably, two somethings. They can’t say no if you don’t submit. However… submitting Surrogate: Hunted does count, right? I mean, yes, it’s already been accepted for publication, but it’s a BIG manuscript (over 110K) so I give myself permission for that to count for one.


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