Jaded Catharsis #PoetTues 7/18


Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash


Jaded Catharsis 


I was told

Again and again

That my illness

Was in my head

 – A delusion for attention


Basket case

Conversion Syndrome

You’re a lost cause

Now go away

 – But I wouldn’t listen


Today, I heard different

A new doc listened

Saw my puzzle

And did tests

 – That repeated my words


This, I appreciate

But now I worry


A time bomb of physician neglect

 – Even this doctor is mad


What they overlooked

Cannot be undone

It’s permanent

I’m impaired

 – But I’m certainly not dead


Dear Former Doctors,

When you stopped listening

You stopped seeing me

I’m no easy answer

So you threw me away

-May you reap what you’ve so tragically sown

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