“168 Hours Before” #WIPpet Wednesday 7/12/17

This week’s WIPpet Wednesday comes from Surrogate: Traditions, which currently resides in the land rewrites. Rough place, from my experience, but works come back stronger and more sure of themselves.

WIPpet Math: 7/12/17

Chapter Two, “168 Hours Before,” lines 7-17 (let’s totally ignore the 12 this time)

NOTE ABOUT FORMATTING: The lines count may change when transferring into WordPress so don’t rely on what you see. I base the count on my word processor.

NOTE FOR THOSE NEW TO THE SERIES: The Surrogate Series is broad in its LGBTQIA+ content, but the protagonist, Etain Ixtii, is both bisexual and polyamorous. Actually, her entire species is, but she’s living in the world of Taklas and Humans, who are widely monogamous. This doesn’t mean that she’s adapted to monogamy. On the contrary, her new world has bent to her needs, forming what the Alyward call a circle. Etain is the center of this circle and her lovers play varying roles within the circle. Some of her lovers are involved with each other as well, but not all of them. Circles, like everything else, evolve over time.

At this point in the series, Etain has one autalaci, Leigheas Sternbow, (autalaci is the word for husband in Etain’s native language) two ottonols, (both lesbians – an ottonol is a woman who protects and assists an Alyward woman through eja) and her precious imma, (best friend with benefits) Mercine Feney (Merch), bisexual. Yes, Etain has serious relationships with them all and is also married to one of her ottonols, Stra Ttla, who you’re about to meet. Merch and Amna Dresh (you’ll meet Dresh next week) are in a long-term relationship as well.

There are four different species in Etain’s circle.

Alyward – Etain

Human – Merch

Takla – Leigheas & Dresh

Cyclak – Stra

THE SETUP: Etain, Stra, and three of Etain’s children are in the gymnasium for Bakom Do (an aggressive mixed-martial-art) practice when they’re interrupted by an all-too-common complication of palace living.

      “Sntcha blan sa!” Stra Ttla, one of Etain’s two legally recognized spouses, shook her fist at the sirens. Her thin, white, short-cropped Cycalk pelt coated much of her body, a sign her breeding days were long over. “I’ve come to loathe that sound as much as I did on Clkya.”

     They’d reached the gym’s interior corner before five guards, one for each family member, rushed into the room to surround them. Etain stood in the back corner, her children pressed between her and Stra, but Diani Fash, twenty-years-old, Alyward dark, and worker lanky, stretched his arms over his sisters to cover his mother’s head.

     “Every time I find my stride—” Analeigh, Etain’s second-born cub, spat on the floor and ground the wet away with her heel in an old Alyward worker sign of dismay.

     “Hush, Ana.” Stra reached over them all to touch Etain’s face. They spoke in Alyward this morning. It was Etain’s native tongue and the way she and Stra had initially communicated. “This will soon pass.”

      “Faster with these new shields you designed.” Diani grumbled as he shifted. “Quit stepping on my feet, Lyly.”

     “Then get those floating docks out of my way.” Lyallian scooted closer to Etain.

     “Quiet, all three of you.” Etain shared Stra’s scowl.

     Traditionalist attacks had become far too commonplace. This sect of the dying Takla populous wanted their world as it had been and would never be again. According to them, Takran should be left alone to develop naturally and without alien interference. But Humans, Alywards, and Cycalks were now permanent residents, and their influence was undeniable. 

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* WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop wherein writers share excerpts of their latest WIP. All genres and levels of accomplishment are welcome. The only stipulation is that the excerpt must coincide with the date in some manner. For example, on 10/8/14 you might share 10 lines from page 8, 8 paragraphs from chapter 14, or perhaps 18 sentences by doing WIPpet Math and adding the day to the month. We’re flexible like that




  1. Ha! I love the sibling interactions. Sounds like me with my brother and sister. Not so much as we’ve gotten older, but definitely in our younger years.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello!
    I liked that you introduced the main characters of the story. It is interesting to read about Etain’s relationships – I didn’t know that she was polyamorous until now!
    I wonder what will happen now that the guards are here? Will they still be able to practice? And will they be up against the Traditionalists later on?

    I am very familiar with Rewritingland! Sometimes I feel like it is endless 😦


    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh, yes. Etain’s species is primarily poly. I argued the fact with her early in the series, but she held her ground, and began accumulating relationships, so I had to listen. I’ve come to rather like her world, actually, but often don’t know how she balances things as well as she does.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

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