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Someone challenged Sophie over at Sophie’s Corner to talk about herself and she, in turn, challenged those who read her response post to reveal some things about themselves for their readers. This is a bit nerve-wracking, but it’s also a challenge I need so here I am in all my, er, glory.

Vital Stats

Name: Jeanne G’Fellers – no, that’s not a pseudonym

Nickname: I had one in high school that only my best friend used — Liv. It’s a reference to the Richard Bach novel Jonathon Livingston Seagull, a novel I repeatedly inhaled during 9th grade. No one calls me that anymore–okay, my old high school friend MB does when we chat online, but that’s mainly for nostalgia purposes.

Star Sign: Leo

Occupation: I taught English for a number of years on both the collegiate and secondary levels. Both levels had their challenges, but I haven’t taught or otherwise worked since March 17, 2015. Yes, I know the date. It was the day that changed my life in ways I couldn’t fathom.


Hair Color: Brown with a lot of incoming gray

Hair Length: Short and shorter… the hairdresser uses a #5 clipper unless I’m feeling saucy, then they use a #4

Eye Color: Blue except for a discernible spot of brown in my left eye that makes both eyes appear more of a hazel

Best Feature: Um, I’m tall… a big Appalachian girl, actually. That’s something.

Braces: Nope. Never needed them. That’s something I have going for me.

Piercings: Ears. but I seldom wear earrings these days. My earlobes lay too close to my head for posts, and I get tired of hoops, even the small ones.

Tattoos: Four. Okay, okay. Details. roses and barbed wire on my left bicep, a howling wolf on my left shoulder, three wolf tracks on my right ankle–one for each pup (I have three children), and one, a cross with scroll work on my right bicep that I hope to redo this fall to better represent who I am.

Right Handed or Left Handed: Left handed


Real Holiday: Not certain what this really means, but my last real vacation was to a lovely beach house in Alligator Point, on the Florida Gulf, almost a decade ago. Yikes! I need to go on vacation!

Best Friend: Actually, my best friend is my spouse, Anna. Sounds weird, but there it is. She’s been my number one since the day we met this time. Yes, we both believe we’ve known each other over lifetimes. This life we came together a bit later on, but good things come to those who wait–and endure the intervening crap to get there.

Award: I won two GCLS “Goldie” awards for my first Sci-Fi series, and was a Lammy finalist for my very first Sci-Fi novel. The latter isn’t an actual award, but I’m pretty damned proud of it nonetheless.

Sport: No. No. No. I’ve never been good at them, but I also have scoliosis which has thrown my balance and therefore, my coordination off from an early age.

Concert: If you mean one took part in outside of secondary school? The last was probably 1988. I was the bassist in an all-girl hair band. We had a regional following for a brief moment in time, and no, you haven’t heard of us. The last concert I attended would be–hmm. Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas show a few years back. We don’t get out much anymore. Can you tell?


TV Shows: Life Below Zero, Paranormal Lockdown, The Dead Files… no, I don’t really go for hit series, but I still miss Firefly with all my heart.

Color: Cobalt Blue… hands down

Songs: The Who–“Behind Blue Eyes,” Limp Bizkit — “Break Stuff,” most anything by Sully Erna, (with or without Godsmack) Faun, and a lot of Omnia’s material. Oh, and Tears for Fears. I’ve loved them since my teen years. I actually listen to most anything except a few categories–jazz, opera, rap, and country. I even like bluegrass to an extent.

Restaurant: Restaurants are a sticky subject for me. I have a severe (read as life-threatening) shrimp allergy, so I pretty much avoid anywhere that serves shrimp–which is most everywhere these days.  We’ve a place in a neighboring town where a Cajun restaurant, a Popeye’s, and a Long John Silvers are clustered near a red light. If we get stuck there I almost always have to dive for my inhaler. Yes, even the shrimp proteins wafting from the deep fryers are enough to get me going on a lower level.

Shop: I used to be a bargain hunter, but my health makes basic food shopping my primary target these days. It takes too much energy that I don’t possess to do more. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Books: My soul is filled with books, both those I love, and those I wish to write. There are too many to list.

Shoes: function and comfort above all else… I’ve never been one for fancy shoes


Feeling: Content

Single or Taken: Very, very taken. I’ve been with the love of my life for almost fifteen years, and we’ll have been married for one year this September. We’ll consider that our fifteenth anniversary because we couldn’t get married in the U.S. until 2015…we waited until 2016 only because we wanted our families to be there for the ceremony, which they were.

Eating: It’s 10PM so nothing. Dinner is over and it’s not time to eat something before bed. (I’m diabetic so it’s a requirement)

Thinking about: Tomorrow’s writing goals.

Watching: My spouse has some sort of medical show on in the background

Wearing: tank top, a light sweater, yoga-type pants, and slippers — all but the slippers are black, my color of choice to wear.


Want Children: Been there, done that. Our youngest just turned eighteen. That factory is long closed, thank you. By our, I mean my spouse and I… all the children are biologically mine, but my Anna has been their second parent from day one… more so after their father walked away. Some people should never be parents while others step up and become wonderful parents to children who aren’t even theirs. Children of heart. Parent through actions. It’s a wonderful combination.

Want to be Married: Want? Am! And happily so.

Careers in Mind: Writer/ author who makes an actual living off her work, not the drizzle of royalties I do now.

Where You Want to Live: Where I am. I love living in the Appalachian foothills, though I do hate residing in a red state.

Do you believe in

God: Whose god?

Miracles: Eh, not if you mean divine intervention. We best help ourselves…that’s what my gods tell me. They walk beside us, and we walk beside them, not kneel before them.

Love at First Sight: Yes, I’ve experienced it.

Ghosts: Yes, we’ve lived with them in at least three homes we’ve resided in. We have a knack for finding such homes, but we’ve never experienced anything negative. Interesting, yes, but not negative. We’ve now landed in a home where the surrounding woods are full of life and magick. This time, however, we own the home.

Aliens: We’d be foolish to believe that we’re alone in the universe. Will they look like us? Probably not, but I’m certain they’re “out there” somewhere. And if they’ve any real intelligence, they’ll steer clear of us. We humans are a selfish, destructive species.

Soul Mates: Yes. Mine sits beside me.

Heaven and Hell: No. Our souls move on and are reborn, so those places are not real. They’re creations meant to instill fear and ensure control, the devil in particular. There is evil in this world, and powerful entities that have never been and will never be human, but the devil is a human construct, again, to instill fear. Humans, however, are capable of the evil that eclipses anything paranormal.

Kissing on a First Date: Depends, but my love and I didn’t… then again we’re queer and our first date was at the Wendy’s across the street from the college campus I worked at.

Yourself: My mind is very capable, but my body has never been particularly strong. Yes, I’m tall, broad-shoulder, and I used to lift far more than I should on a routine basis for work (pre-college days, thank you) but it’s taken its toll, as has an abnormal immune system, (genetic-linked) autoimmune issues, a bone-crunching fall down a flight of stairs, and damage to my brain’s movement  control center derived from being prescribed the wrong dosage of a medication. My body is shot, but I keep going as best I can from day to day.


You who are reading this post!

Why not? This was rather fun if not a bit cathartic.

Please don’t feel obligated to do this tag. If you have done this tag before, or don’t like to do tags, or are too busy to do this tag, that’s quite all right!


  1. Hi Jeanne! I’m glad that you decided to do this tag!
    That is so sweet that you and your wife are happily together for fifteen years. Wishing you two all the best!
    It is terrible that you were prescribed the wrong dosage of medication. I do think that the medical system can do better at times.
    I liked reading your post. Have a good day 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your caring reply. If I’ve learned anything from the medication issue it’s to question everything your doctor says, to research every medication before you take it, and to be your own advocate. The doctor says I need this so… wrong. I question it all, which means I’m known for being a lousy, often argumentative patient.

      The get to know you was fun. Thanks for giving me the idea!

      Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I completely agree that it is important to advocate for yourself. I work in a hospital – there is always so much going on that sometimes things are missed. If you are uncertain about something, it is absolutely OK to ask! I find that Dr. Google can be a good starting place when you want to look up drug dosing. If the drug dose seems off the map, then do clarify with your doctor (or your pharmacist!)


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