Spotlight Author @Supposed Crimes Added Feature

I’m currently in the author spotlight at Supposed Crimes. Check it out, but come back here afterward, because I’m adding three more Q&As into the mix, just for fun.

Author Spotlight: Jeanne G’Fellers

Surrogate 3d cover


Is there a character in your work you feel especially connected to? Why?

I identify and sympathize with Etain from the Surrogate Series because she and I are both mothers. She’s an outsider/ alien…definitely not like anyone else in the society she’s thrust into, and, I hope, my message that being a good parent doesn’t only come through what some call “traditional marriage” rings true. Love is love. And love makes a parent, not biology. I think readers will see this message more and more as the series progresses.

Tell us about your favorite literary character(s).

My favorite all-time literary character is Menolly from Anne McCaffrey’s Harper Hall Trilogy, which is part of her massive Pern series. I first read about her as a young teen and she’s stuck with me. I admire her perseverance, her ability to overcome obstacles, her sheer determination when the odds seem impossibly stacked against her.

As a kid, were you a Goody-Goody or a Wild Child?

More in the middle, I think. I was a pretty good kid, but I went on a bit of tear when I was eighteen years old. Sorry, Mom and Dad. And, yes, it comes back to you. My daughter did much the same multiplied by ten when she was a teen. *sigh*





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