Batter Up!: Flash Fiction for #fictionfriday

Fiction Friday? It’s fiction every day in my world, but this Friday, I’m sharing a bit of LGBT Sci-Fi Flash Fiction. Enjoy.

Batter Up!

     “We’re getting old.” Iana watched their teenager, Chris, and her best friend, Dawn, stargaze in the back yard. Sleep over. Slumber party. Whatever the current term it meant work for the parents.

     “Old? More like tired.” Maria threw a handful of pizza crusts into the bio-recycler. “Look at them out there. Laughing. Not a worry while we work.” The recycler whirred agreement when she closed the lid.

     Another hundred bins of compost and they’d have enough to finish a third raised garden bed—quite an accomplishment on the rocky, all but lifeless moon they’d called home for the last decade.

     “Not a care in the world.” Iana touched the kitchen main screen. Two teas. Hot. One with two extra sugars. One with milk.

     “I dunno. Maybe it’s too easy for them.” Maria steered her air chair to the window. “No worries. No—ah, hell!” She slapped the window sill. “Incoming!”

     A pennant-carrying mini-drone dropped into the back yard, hovering just over the teens’ heads.

    “Want more land? Lower taxes? Move to Europa! The black and red pennant twisted from the force of its own volume.

     “Nothing but noise pollution and a violation of privacy.” Iana grabbed the baseball bat standing behind the kitchen door. “Game on!”

     “No, wait.” Maria caught her by the arm. “They’ve got this one.” They watched as Chris took aim with the garden rake, knocking the drone over the back fence. It crashed with a crunch and a tiny, satisfying smoke cloud which dissipated before it reached the air shield.

     “Home run!” Chris grabbed Dawn’s hand, reeling her in for a kiss.

     “Well, look at that.” Maria pulled Iana into her lap. “Like mothers like daughter.”

     “Best friends then more. Just like us.” Iana kissed her cheek. “I feel even older.”

     “Not me.” Maria hugged her wife tighter. “Makes me glad we’re finally home.”


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