#WIPpet Wednesday 6/14/17

This week’s WIPpet Wednesday*, 6/14/2017, comes from Surrogate: Hunted, which currently resides in a mysterious land named Edits.

The math: Chapter 20 (6 + 14), the first 17 lines

Warning: contains strong language and violence

    “Medi’s tears!”

     The Cycalk man roared as he threw Etain to the ground.

     Not happening. She screamed when he grabbed her ankle to pull her under him. “Get off me!” She slashed him with her gstas, but he pulled her back again. “We’re not compatible, not—”

     He answered with his claws.

     He’s too lost in his rut to hear me. Etain kicked him in the abdomen and crawled away, but he caught her, dragging her stomach-down to him. He tore at her, ripping her pants and shirt from behind. She tried to rise, but when he pushed her down to claw her more she cried out in Alyward then Terran Common— she cursed at him in bad Cycalk— anything to divert his attention.

     Dear Mother Medi. Not today. Not like this. Not— she felt him back off.

     “Help me!” Brigit pulled the rope looped over the tree and around the man’s neck.

     “Sntcha sa!” His roar caught in his throat when Brigit pulled harder.

     “Help me, dammit!” Brigit dropped to her knees.

     The man gurgled and reached over his head to pull on the rope, all but jerking it from Brigit’s hands.

     Vengeance! Etain’s she-beast rose within her to howl long and hard, but Etain was too busy surviving to hold her back.

*WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop wherein writers share excerpts of their latest WIP. All genres and levels of accomplishment are welcome. The only stipulation is that the excerpt must coincide with the date in some manner. For example, on 10/8/14 you might share 10 lines from page 8, 8 paragraphs from chapter 14, or perhaps 18 sentences by doing WIPpet math and adding the day to the month. We’re flexible like that.


  1. “Mysterious land named Edits.” Hahaha! I have one there too. Maybe they’ll keep each other company.

    Love the last bit about her she-beast.


    • *grins* I have one in final edits, one in beginning edits, and one in rough- draft status. Three very different but equally frustrating planes of manuscript existence. Thanks for the feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yikes, this is brutal. I was on the edge of my seat reading it. I wonder if they’re safe now or if this is just the start…


    • Glad I caught your attention. The novel is now up at my publisher’s site as coming soon, so this will be the last of the WIPpets. Next week I begin “WIPpetting” from the next novel in the series, Surrogate: Traditions.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mysterious land named Edits – I’m there now too. Cold, cold place.
    Interesting excerpt! Who is the Cycalk man and why does he have claws? Is he part-animal? Also I am curious what their interactions were up to that point?
    I LOVE the image – will that be the cover of your book?
    Looking forward to more WIPpet wednesdays 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m writing some alien Sci-Fi here. Only one of the three characters in the scene is human, and, hint, it isn’t the Cycalk man. You can find the cover for Hunted under the novels tab. It’s up now at my publisher too as coming soon. which means no more WIPpets. On to the next next novel beginning next week. Thanks for the feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s interesting! I had an inkling of suspicion that these aren’t regular ol’ peeps 🙂
        Congrats on getting published! I am curious if you are doing traditional publishing or self-publishing?


      • Small press but traditionally published. All my novels have gone the traditional route, but I believe one way is just as complicated as another.

        Liked by 1 person

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