Three Reasons to Enter the Surrogate Giveaway

Surrogate 3d cover

Love diverse worlds and alien cultures? Enjoy reading what happens when these cultures clash? Want to see strong LGBTQ+ characters from diverse worlds fight for what’s right? Then Surrogate is a novel for you, but you need to hurry!

Time’s running out for you to enter to win a free journey into the fantastic multi-world, diverse, alien-filled future of Surrogate! I’m giving away three ebook copies of the first novel in the Surrogate  series on Amazon.

Need more reasons to enter? Well, here’s three:

  1. Etain Ixtii’s species, the Alyward, does not understand humanity’s labels concerning gender roles and sexuality. They love who they choose to love, however they choose to love. Family is what you make it, and love is a lifelong, circular process.

  2. Etain’s enemies come in both humanoid and insectoid form.

  3. When a water-bound species encounters a desert-species, more than cultures will clash.

Here’s the first chapter of Surrogate to help your decision, but what’s do decide? Entering is easy and you might just win!

Enter today and good luck!

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