Where I Write: My Big Brown Recliner


   Ah, yes, the all-powerful surreal setting. I chose the one above for two reasons: 1) its colors are a delightful split-complimentary color scheme and 2) I love the interrelationship between the ground (Earth, I suppose) and the universe. Lovely. Simply lovely to my mind, but I wouldn’t consider, even for a moment, that this would be a reasonable place to write anything–even my grocery list.

   But, Jeanne, it’s so pretty. Yeah, yeah it is. But let’s be practical. It’s dark. It’s probably cold. And, the deal breaker, there’s no friggin’ outlet for my laptop! Now, if I could be warm and cozy in my big brown recliner and look out a window at the scene–now that’d be truly inspirational as long as I had, you got it, an outlet.

   So now you know where I write–in my big, brown recliner. Writerly romantic, isn’t it? Not. Yes, I write with my feet up and my laptop in my, er, lap. It’s practical, very practical for a disabled woman who is forced to get copious amounts of rest or face very uncomfortable and/or downright painful repercussions.

   So, there you have it. No quill pen, no slaving away over a paper manuscript, not even a dad-gummed typewriter. Computers have revolutionized writing and the disabled’s ability to communicate and create. Typing would be a frustrating, unforgiving mess for me–my hand shake too much. But the keyboard–delete and backspace are among my very best friends.

   As for the recliner–nothing absorbs my dystonic tremors better than my over-stuffed, over-sized, favorite chair. It sits in our living room. Yes, the living room. I have no office, and I really don’t want one. (but a library–ooh la la) The noise surrounding me has no effect whatsoever on my writing. I’ve been writing for nearly two decades, publishing for over a decade, and raised three children during that time, (the youngest will be leaving for college this fall) so I learned to write while surrounded by general chaos. Right now, my wife is watching television, (oh, look, a Disney commercial) but I’m giving it passing attention at best. My focus is my screen and my writing. I readily tune out the rest. It takes practice, but if you are a parent and serious about your writing, it’s a skill I recommend you develop. Headphones help but keep the music low so you can hear the kids.

   So, now you know my perfect writing location. Yes, I can write at a table or desk for short time periods, but the end all, beat all of writing locations, in my eyes, is my big brown recliner.

   Creativity is where you find it. And that’s where I find mine.


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