What I Write


I write Sociological (aka Soft) Science Fiction or Sci-Fantasy, if you must. The focus is on the world, the people, and then the science. What’s Sociological Sci-Fi? Glad you ask.

 According to Margaret McGaffey Fisk in her 2004 essay “Sociological Science Fiction Defined,” Sociological Science Fiction “takes the soft science of anthropology and explores how people exist and react in alien societies or human societies where science has caused significant change. While the focus is on people and individuals, it is against a deep, rich social and political background.”

Nice definition of the subgenre. There are many others, but this best represents my ideology. I’m a Sociological Science Fiction writer by nature but a reader across the board. My stories are full of diverse—LGBTQ, heterosexual, multi-cultural, differently-abled, and of color—characters who go on dangerously awesome adventures with their family and friends. Space-time surely isn’t filled with only straight, Caucasian Humans so why should the stories only be?

My newest novel series, The Surrogate Series explores some of the lesser explored and often underwritten areas of Science Fiction, including social norms and taboos, religion, and sex, all with humans thrown, jarringly, into the mix.

 By the way, hello, my name is Jeanne G’Fellers, and you’ve either stumbled onto or sought out my writing blog. Nice to see you here, and I promise to post more–much, much more about Social Sci-Fi, diversity in writing, books, and the writing life along with other issues that seem important enough to write about.

 Again, thanks for dropping by and come back soon

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