#CleaningHouseNovel #WIPpet Wednesday 6/20/18 A Familiar Haint

One of the best parts of writing, IMO, is sharing your work with others, but it’s also the most terrifying. What if they don’t like it? What if… welp, you’re not going to please everyone all the time, that’s for certain, and there are those who make a sport out of shooting authors down in flames. It’s a game, a dance, and I’m about to do it again with the release of my seventh, you heard right, seventh novel.

So how do I handle criticism? I listen to the constructive and try to ignore the rest, which isn’t always easy. Even the most successful authors have their critics… and their haters. To each their own. Whatever you want to call it, if you go into the game knowing you’re going to be slapped around a bit, things get much easier. Problem is…you generally don’t get to slap back. It’s considered disrespectful coming from the author’s end unless the criticism is totally, and I do mean, totally, warranted. My being ritualistic in how I handle criticism has certainly helped me contain my angst or anger or both. I’ll explain what I mean by ritualistic in another post but suffice to say that it’s very cathartic for me.

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#CleaningHouseNovel #RainbowSnippets Fifty-One 6/16: Tough Choices

Welcome to this week’s installment of Rainbowsnippets*! This one is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read, so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works.

I’m sharing again from Cleaning House. The novel is an Appalachian-set Contemporary/ Paranormal Fantasy where the past and the present are blended with a healthy dose of granny magic. The mountains are alive, and a little moonshine can cure what ails you.

My blog tour is full (YAY!) and I’m creating tour posts for the stops while I work on the sequel and do some editing for someone else. My dance card’s filled for the next few months, and I like it. But I work better with music, so, at the moment, I’m listening to Shinedown’s “Human Radio.” I’m thrilled by the new song and plan to purchase their newest release Attention Attention later this week.

On to this week’s snippet…

The setup: Cent’s still talking things over with Aunt Tess. Leaving what was supposed to be your dream is never easy, so Cent’s struggling with the idea.

     [Tess] “We all know you ain’t got it easy up there so why not come home for a spell? I won’t charge you no rent. You can eat from my pantry and garden and drive my pickup. Everyone says I shouldn’t be driving anyway. And Mister Jones said he’ll give you some work— cash money paid weekly that you won’t have to use for that dump you’re living in.”

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