#WriteLGBTQ #WIP #KeepingHouseNovel Glare

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel
The theme is glare, something my characters might be doing a bit too often. Thank goodness for revisions. And, yes, Dane Gow has a definite attitude problem. She’d tell you it comes with being king, but it’s probably her abrasive personality more than anything else. (Pyre is a fire elemental, BTW.)


     “I’ll give you a pass on that one, you flamin’ turd, but don’t ever roll your eyes at me again.” Dane thinned her lips as she turned from Pyre. “I’m in a good mood tonight.”

     “Don’t threaten my family.” Cent glared at her.

     “But you ain’t doin’ a damn thing to keep it that way.” Dane returned her gaze, adding a tiny smirk.


#AppalachianElementals #KeepingHouseNovel #Paranormal #Fantasy

#1LineWed #amwriting #WIP Weather

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is weather. Slim pickings when it comes to that word. I’ve used it all of five times. Here’s the best of them IMO.




     A proper landin’ is everything. Those words echoed in Cent’s head. “I’m over today.”

     “Eh, you’re right. The weather stinks, and those wings of yours look like a dog’s been chewin’ on them.” Dane glanced over to Pyre, who sat on the branch of a nearby tree. “What’s she been puttin’ on them, Lightnin’ Bug?”

#WIP #amwriting #KeepingHouseNovel #AppalachianElementals






#WIPpetWed #AppalachianElementals 12/12/18: A Flick of the Magical Hand

So it dumped snow here over the weekend, a southern storm, the perfect setup to pretty much stop things in their tracks, but it’s already hit the ugly, crusty stage of melting, and most of it will be gone in the next forty-eight hours, with possible flooding because of the quick melt.

Welcome life in Southern Appalachia. We’re not built for snow except at the highest elevations and quick thaws make for flash floods.

Welcome to #WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop where authors share from their current works in progress (WIPs).

This week I’m picking up from where I left off in Chapter One of my WIP Keeping House, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series. This chapter is titled “Leave Taking” because that’s what the MC Centenary Rhodes is doing, leaving home and her new life to honor a deal that her lover, Stowne, struck in order to save her life. Sure, Cent’s happy to be alive, but the rest… She’s currently wondering about the dagger Stowne has just given her.

Here’s my WIPpet math for 12/12/18:  8+2+2+1 = 13 short paragraphs from Keeping House, Chapter One.

I’m also sharing one of my preliminary covers for Keeping House. I take great care in my covers, so if I’m sharing it’s because it’s nearly complete and has received the spousal seal of approval.


(Note: The section in orange comes from last week’s WIPpet.)

…“You didn’t deal for this…” Cent’s mouth tightened. “Did you?”

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#HolidayTreeNovella #RainbowSnippets Seventy-Five 12/8: Counting Points

Welcome to this week’s installment of Rainbowsnippets*! This one is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read, so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works.


Here comes the snow, or at least that’s what local and national meteorologists are saying: winter storm watch that’ll probably be a warning by the time this post goes live. We’re as ready as we can be, I suppose. We’ve secondary heat, water, and a good supply of ready-to-eat foods for emergencies.

The problem with living in NE TN is that we’re either on the side of or in the foothills of several mountains; we’re part of the Smokies, so the weather either 1) passes around us because of the mountains to our north and south or 2) settles in to stay a while. If it does the latter and brings heavy moisture with it, we’re done for. It’ll snow until it peters out or finds the oomph to pass over the mountains, usually the former.  They’re saying up to eight inches with ice. I know that sounds like nothing to some of you, but this is the Southern U.S., not deep south, mind you, but still south and people here have no idea how to drive in deep snow, so it’s best to stay in if at all possible.

This one’s supposed to bring the moisture, so it’s all a matter of timing and oomph.

On to this week’s writing. I’m sharing from my new holiday novella Mama, Me, & the Holiday Tree, which is set within the Appalachian Elementals Series. At 22K words in length, it’s a shorter novella, but it packs a lot of great things within its 74 pages.

The setup:  Poor Cent’s trying hard but…

“No, the Star of David has six points.” I’m trying. Gods help me, I’m trying, but Mama… Continue reading

#WriteLGBTQ #WIP #KeepingHouseNovel Awkward

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel
The theme is awkward, a word I’ve used all of twice. Here’s one of them, and things are definitely awkward between two characters at this exact moment, love or not.




“I wasn’t expecting to see you.” She didn’t reach for Stowne, and they didn’t reach for her. They stared at each other instead, awkward in ways they’d never been together.

#AppalachianElementals #KeepingHouseNovel #Paranormal #Fantasy


#1LineWed #amwriting #WIP Chapter Cliffhanger

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is Chapter Cliffhanger, so that’s what you’re getting.  The excerpt comes from Chapter Eleven of Keeping House, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series and one of my current WIPs.



   “Cent? Cent!” Exan’s black mass rushed forward to slip between Cent and the shadow holding her. “Release her!”

     “Ah am untethered by this lass’ return.” A deep voice laughed in the dark and a hand reached through Exan to shove Cent, bashing her forehead against the truck’s fender.

#WIP #amwriting #KeepingHouseNovel #AppalachianElementals


#WIPpitWed #AppalachianElementals 12/05/18: Book and Blade

It’s snowing here, and it looks like there’ll be more than a skift on the ground by morning. A skift is a dusting, in case you don’t know. Skifts are regular things here in Northeast Tennesse, but we get measurable snow a few times most years. I remember snows of up to three feet and years with only one or two skifts.

Like everything else, it all depends, but I didn’t find a wooly worm this year to know what that traditional form of weather prediction had to say.

Welcome to #WIPpetWednesday! Since Mama, Me, & the Holiday Tree has been released I’m again sharing from Keeping House, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series.

I shared the prologue for Keeping House a while back (you can find it under #WIPpetWednesday under Topics to your right), so I’m currently sharing from Chapter One.

Here’s my WIPpet math for 12/5/2018: 5+1= 6 paragraphs from Keeping House, book two in the Appalachian Elementals series.

The Setup: I’m skipping ahead a bit. Cent and Stowne have spent some, er, quality time together, and now Stowne has two gifts for Cent before she leaves.

     “This is how we will share while you are away.” Stowne set a fat, handmade book by her head.

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Featured Author: TJ Nichols Blood for the Spilling

Today, my featured author is T. J. Nichols, creator of Blood for the Spilling, book three in the Studies of Demonology series. (make certain that you read to the bottom for a giveaway from DSP)




Publisher: DSP

Format: Paperback, eBook

Word Count: 93000

Cover Artist: Catt Ford

Genres: Urban fantasy, paranormal,

Warnings: violence, cutting (for magic)

DSP    Amazon    Barnes & Noble   Kobo   iBooks

Book Blurb:

Sheets of ice are spreading across the human world, ushering in an ice age as the magic drained from Demonside turns that world into a desert. Angus and reluctant warlock Terrance have defected from Vinland to the Mayan Empire—a land of dark and potent magic. But the Mayans aren’t offering sanctuary for free.

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#HolidayTreeNovella #RainbowSnippets Seventy-Five 12/1: Denial

We’re pushing full-throttle into the holiday season, which is always stressful for those with auto-immune and/or neurological issues. Lucky for me (read the last with decided sarcasm) I have both and they’re interlinked.

Most of my holiday shopping takes place online for good reason.


That said, I want to share a review for Cleaning House (released 8/1/18) that comes from a regional library publication. Local review for a local work by a local author. That means a whole bunch to me. Best of all, she liked it, which means even more, and I’ve been told the book is in steady rotation. ❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️

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