Reblog: Science Fiction, Identity, and Inclusivity

This. Yes! This! Because. This. Because someone gets it. Because someone understands and embraces my exploration of removing labels and what it can do to a society, to a world, to a species itself in Surrogate.

Science Fiction, Identity, and Inclusivity by Amy Leibowitz

As we wrap up our month of celebrating science fiction, we’re also celebrating the “birth” of a new edition of Star Trek. ST: Discovery premiered last night. One episode aired on network television, and the rest will be available through subscription streaming… READ MORE




Surrogate Aesthetics: Surrogate Sunday

A blog aesthetic, or in this case, a novel and series aesthetic is a glance at a work to give the reader both a visual and written overview, a snapshot if you will. I stole this idea from Sophie over at Sophie’s Corner, and it’s a good one. Why? Because it gives the reader two key things:

  1. a keyword list of concepts to be explored

  2. a visual sense of what will be happening without creating spoilers

Interesting concept, I think, so I’m going begin sharing by taking word and image aesthetic look at the first novel in my Surrogate series, Surrogate.

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#RainbowSnippets Fourteen 9/23: Fake Trees

I’m tired, really tired, because we spent much of yesterday automobile shopping. I hate shopping for such things. It’s tedious and mathy. It’s all about wheeling and dealing. It’s physically and mentally exhausting– and you better have done your homework before you walk through that showroom door. Thankfully, we did, and I think we managed a fairly good deal. Time will tell on that one.

Now to sell the old car. Dealers never give much for trade-ins, so we’ll be selling next week. More wheeling and dealing. Sigh. But that’s still a few days away so…

It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for a new Rainbowsnippet*!

The Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook is “for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).”

This week’s RainbowSnippet comes from Surrogate: Hunted.

The Setup: Etain, Mateo, Brigit, and Robert have no idea what has just happened to their shuttle and things are quickly becoming even more confusing.

     Mateo stared out the shuttle window. “Are those trees?”

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#WIPpet Wednesday #Amwriting #biweek 9/20/17: 33 Hours Before


It’s Bisexual Awareness week. Yes, we do exist. We sometimes have husbands, sometimes wives, and, sometimes, we’re polyamorous. Regardless, we’re who we are, but many people try to negate our existence. We’re not a phase or a period of transition. To say our existence serves that purpose is to negate us. My response to that idea is HERE. (“A Pansexual’s Response to Negation”)

Yes, I said we. I’m a pansexual (meaning here) woman married to a woman, and I write Science Fiction. My current series is Bi Sci-Fi, and my current protagonist, Etain Ixtii, is both bisexual and polyamorous. It’s who she is, and she doesn’t tolerate anyone else trying to define her based on their ideology. She’s also a mother… yes, bisexuality, polyamory, and motherhood can and do go hand-in-hand. I met several such women at the local pride fest last weekend. It was a wonderful, confirming event, and I was proud to be a part of it.

That said, let’s get to today’s topic… it’s WIPpet Wednesday, a chance for authors to share their current WIPs.

This week’s WIPpet Wednesday* comes again from Surrogate: Traditions, the third novel in the Surrogate Series.

Here’s my WIPpet math: 9/20/2017 – I am running with nine. Nine for September. This selection comes from Chapter Nine of Surrogate: Traditions.

The Setup: Tempers are again flaring inside the apartment, and Etain and Leigheas have all but hit the point of what I’ve heard called hallway sex. You know about hallway sex, don’t you? That’s when two angry people stand at opposite ends of a hall and yell “F*** you!” at each other. I’ve seen more than one relationship end in this manner… including one of my own.

     “But you’re my wife.” Leigheas held out his hands. “Please. We can sit in the dining room. I just want to talk to you.”

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Rainbow Snippets Thirteen 9/16/17: Trouble


Happy Saturday!

I’m at a local Pride Festival today, hawking my books, peddling my written wares. It’ll be an all-day event, 10AM-7PM, so I see a drive-thru in our evening dining future.

*crosses fingers and prays for decent sales.*

This week’s Rainbowsnippet* comes from Surrogate: Hunted, which now sits with the publisher, awaiting its final polish.

The Setup: Etain, Brigit, Mateo, and Robert are on their way back to Takran when their trio of shuttles is attacked by an unknown entity.

     “Don your breathers and secure yourselves!” called the pilot. The shuttle began to vibrate then shake as the pressure inside the cabin mashed them into their seats.

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A Lesson in Unprofessional Behavior: Weathering the Publication of “Monstering 101”


My poem  “Monstering 101” is now available at the online literary mag Monstering. It’s linked to the site’s categories Ableism and Body Horror. Think about that for a minute then consider Monstering’s masthead: Disabled Women and Nonbinary People Celebrating Monsterhood.

Publishing this poem has been a process, and not one I necessarily care to repeat. Some people’s version of professional behavior and mine are far different. Excuses ran thin, and I seriously considered pulling the work because of it, but, in the end, I created the poem in response to Monstering’s call for submissions, so that is where it should stay.

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#WIPpet Wednesday #Amwriting 9/13/17: “35 Hours Before”

Today, you get a twofer– a link to a short work I’m very proud of (that’s first-appearing today!) and my normal weekly WIPpet all in one.

First on the agenda: my poem  “Monstering 101” is now available at the literary mag Monstering. Yes, that’s my voice on the recording provided below the poem– no sassy cracks about the accent are allowed. I’m a proud Southern Appalachian woman, and, with that, comes a Southern Appalachian woman’s voice. It’s a unique accent, and one that I was once embarrassed by, but not anymore. If multiple college degrees didn’t knock the accent from me, nothing will.

It’s me. Take it or leave it.

Second: This week’s WIPpet Wednesday* comes again from Surrogate: Traditions, the third novel in the Surrogate Series. I’m going to share more WIPpets from Traditions for the next month or so then I’ll be shifting gears to one of my newer WIPs, not because Traditions is ready to go anywhere, far from it, but because I will have shared enough for a while.

Here’s my WIPpet math: 9/13/ 2017: Take the zero from 2017 and place it behind the 13 = 130 words from “35 Hours Before.”

The Setup: Merch, being the quintessential space prepper she is, has planned ahead for their current predicament and has told no one, not even Dresh or Etain, about her doings until now.

     “I’d call you paranoid.” Dresh pulled Merch from the closet to kiss her. “But I’m too appreciative right now.”

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